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Recharge For 2024

What is Your Recharge for 2024?

I love this time of year, January! Yes, I know you start getting end of year notices from your bank prepping you for tax season, big eye roll, and it gets really cold. But, there is so much more than that with January!

For me, every year it feels like I’ve got every possible avenue open to me-the adventure is refreshing! I also get this feeling to a lesser degree in April, with the spring weather, and October with the falling leaves and chilly evenings. More on those in a minute. Think about the New Year, the previous is now only a memory so if there were less than desirable things going on it’s in the past. 

With that said, what are you going to do with any remnants you no longer want to deal with and what new cards do you want to deal into your life? It’s all a choice, and with baby steps, you can make edits and shape things to better suit either the direction you want to take or how you want to face something. Nobody can take that choice from you, it’s totally yours and that to me is exciting!

So usually each January has me changing the art in my home, lucky me my Dad and brother are both painters so there’s never enough wall space for everything, and refreshing my organization, and making plans. Also each year I tend to also take a deeper look at where I am in life, things like my spiritual take on things, or how I can edit my approach and be a better listener, stuff like that.  And I look into the next baby steps to bring about the things I’d like to experience and see.

About a week ago I asked for your input on how you plan on recharging for 2024 and the responses have been amazing, really I’m inspired and grateful to read your goals. I want to give it the rest of this week and then I’ll randomly pull ten to post, but it may be more because I’m overwhelmed with how great they are. If you are on the fence, I won’t post any names but I’d love to share because they have inspired me and I’d like to share the same with you.

I’m posting the two things I’m excited to work on as a recharge in 2024 and that’s looking deeper into gratitude for even the things that aren’t desirable and also partnerships and what I’m bringing to the table to be part of a team whether it’s personal or business. In April and October I’ll look to revisit what I’m working on to see what feels relevant.

Bye for now!

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