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Personal Stylist and Coach

What do you want to accomplish? Do you hate your clothes and getting ready in the morning is a chore? Do you want a change, but think you'll mess it up if you go it alone? Do you have a big event soon and you feel stuck, unsure of how to pull off a total look that's amazing?

Thinking they're just clothes so it doesn't matter or hoping to hide away behind whatever is there to grab in the closet aren't going to get a favorable response. Do you know people make assumptions about you within a few seconds based on a quick scan of your clothes and general appearance? That may seem unfair and superficial but really, it's all they have to go on. You're fantastic! What's inside counts so let people know how great you are based on their first impression, make your appearance reflect who you are on the inside. It's easier than it seems, and I can help.

Sometimes we all need to look outside of ourselves for a solution, a direction to take. Hiring a stylist takes the pressure off and gets you to your desired outcome sooner, saving you time and money. Plus, it's fun to find out how amazing you really are, and that you have more options than you know! Whatever you want to accomplish, small or large, I can help you both in-person and virtually.

Initially, a consultation, which usually takes around 20-30 minutes, is where we determine what's going on and determine the scope of your project. This is where I really listen so I can tailor a custom solution to end your struggle, and is provided at no charge. The project scope can be simple, like creating an outfit for a special event, or it can be large, like creating a new style suited to your inner and outer self.

Once the project scope is created, we can get started on the fun! For smaller projects, there is a 30-minute minimum which is $40. Subsequent 30-minute increments are $35 each. Larger projects are priced based on what you want to accomplish. We can complete everything at once, or break a larger project into smaller segments if that works better for your budget.

You can also get a "Last Look" before something major like an important meeting, or a first date. A 10-minute call will confirm things like are you wearing the right shoes for your outfit, is the heel height right for the pants you're wearing, or should you leave your shirt hem out or do a tuck? You can now leave your house knowing you're stepping out looking perfect! Your "Last Look" is $15 for 10 minutes and will make all the difference.

I get great satisfaction when my clients look and feel so much happier and confident after we work together. I'd like to help make that happen for you too!

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