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Hot Pink! My Take On The “It” Color



So, I’ve always had a fascination with the color hot pink, along with chartreuse and teal, which is somewhat mid-century for both clothing and interior design. Though I don’t count orange as a regular fave, I like adding it into the mix sometimes especially in warmer weather.

Back to Hot Pink, I love it so much my selection of last years holiday cards was made because the envelopes were that color, and besides, who wouldn’t want that much cheerfulness in their mailbox during winter season? I seriously considered sending one to myself!

Looking at how it’s getting combined with other colors online I see a lot of it getting punched up with white, which is nice during the warm weather seasons, I also see it getting used with black pumps, jackets, etc. Both options work and also keep the color front and center. But what if you used it as a color to be mixed with other very cool and on trend colors? It’s still a standout but it gets pushed in a different way. My two colors for now, because I’m still having fun playing with it, are copper and a paler green in the pistachio range; let me say this exercise was fun!

My focus was on pieces purchased together for a head-to-toe look when you want to go that direction. You know by now, if you’ve been following my Style Of The Week I drop every Thursday, that I love, love, love to pull pieces apart and play with how they can be aligned in new ways. That said, below are some ideas I came up with. 

Throw in your moto jacket or denim one because that will work too. In fact, I’m slightly obsessed with the idea of the sandals and the moto jacket for late night after parties with your bikini top, especially if it’s metallic copper or orange. 

Have fun and bye for now!


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