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Halloween – Time For Our Favorite Movies & The Wardrobe To Go With

Halloween – New Movies & What To Wear

We’ve kicked off October along with the Halloween Season at MRE and we don’t want it to end. We can’t get enough of windy days with leaves blowing around, the crispness demanding your favorite jean jacket, and the treats because who has time for tricks when there are so many amazing movies to watch?

That said below is this years list of our movies and, since I’m really into all things Stevie Nicks lately, I’m taking cues from her early days for dressing up. Who knows, maybe consider a trial run of your outfit watching all things Halloween? See my ideas below for pieces to pull from if you want and of course your jean jacket goes with it all!

Sleepy Hollow

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Wendell and Wild

Fright Night



Night Of The Living Dead – the 1968 Version so it’s my Throwback Thursday vote

Haunted Mansion – Hilarious

The Lost Boys – A perennial and fantastic


Practical Magic – A must!

For Dia De Los Muertos – I’m watching Coco!

Below are some ideas to pull together any way you want. For the top hat though I’m seeing some black silk flowers and maybe a sugar skull pin somewhere.


Bye for now!

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