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Getting Creative & My Vintage Sewing Love

 A fact about myself, I love vintage and I love sewing! Particularly, vintage sewing patterns and the large, counter pattern books. My collection keeps expanding since it’s impossible for me to say no when folks ask if I want their collection.

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Journaling – 10 Minutes A Day To Self-Care & Discovery

 Last year sure created a different lifestyle for us, and very unexpectedly too! While our situation was scary, in many ways I felt so alone, it was enjoyable to go online and see what people were doing to pass time. Puzzle making, knitting, growing

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Your Personal Style – 4 Easy Ways To Ace Yours

 Awhile back, before styling professionally, I worked at a telecom firm scheduling international video conferences. This was before higher bandwidth internet created reliable connections making video calls a DIY thing. There was always a test prior

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