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Positive Focus As A Way To Figure Out What Next

 GratitudeI’ve been listening to a series of talks on generosity and gratitude this past month, which is timely since we just celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. Another reason the talks are timely? The three VERY large goals

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Miss Navajo Nation – What It Takes To Take The Title

  Do you use Firefox as your search engine? If you do, then you know how they have thumbnails to articles on their home page, some great, some silly, and some you just roll your eyes! About a month ago there was a thumbnail to a Glamour magazine

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Post Pandemic Dress Up – Spring/Summer 21 Trends That You Can Carry To Fall 21

                        For the longest, even before 2020, Athleisure has been a hot trend. Last year, we lived in yoga pants, sweats,

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MRE Style Of The Week – Orange Trench Shop The Look

Every week on my social media stream I present a Style Of The Week, usually a street style but sometimes it’s a print ad that’s caught my attention. A few weeks ago it occurred to me that it would be a lot of fun to add a “Shop The Look”

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Getting Creative & My Vintage Sewing Love

 A fact about myself, I love vintage and I love sewing! Particularly, vintage sewing patterns and the large, counter pattern books. My collection keeps expanding since it’s impossible for me to say no when folks ask if I want their collection.

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Journaling – 10 Minutes A Day To Self-Care & Discovery

 Last year sure created a different lifestyle for us, and very unexpectedly too! While our situation was scary, in many ways I felt so alone, it was enjoyable to go online and see what people were doing to pass time. Puzzle making, knitting, growing

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Your Personal Style – 4 Easy Ways To Ace Yours

 Awhile back, before styling professionally, I worked at a telecom firm scheduling international video conferences. This was before higher bandwidth internet created reliable connections making video calls a DIY thing. There was always a test prior

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