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Do you use Firefox as your search engine? If you do, then you know how they have thumbnails to articles on their home page, some great, some silly, and some you just roll your eyes! About a month ago there was a thumbnail to a Glamour magazine article on the Miss Navajo Nation contest, so, of course, I dropped everything and read it.

You can read the article here:  Glamour Magazine – Inside the Miss Navajo Nation Pageant  



The Focus is on Navajo Culture, Womanhood, and Leadership.

The article was mesmerizing and focused on the background of the contest, including why it began and when, what the judges look for, and the back stories of the contestants. It’s not like the contests you’re used to seeing on television, these women are seen as not only ambassadors for the tribe, but have the monumental job of bringing a better understanding of their culture across the country and also internationally.


Phefelia Nez, Navajo Nation’s First Lady


“It represents the beauty, the language, the tradition, and the matrilineal strength of the Navajo Nation,” says Phefelia Nez, Navajo Nation’s first lady. “These girls prepare for this from a very young age, and it takes the family, the community, to get them ready once they have the desire.  








The Miss Navajo Nation contest is a 69 year old tradition. First held in 1952, it was meant to center Navajo pride and honor the Dine’, or Navajo people. It’s a rigorous contest and takes years of study, dedication, and passion to enter and compete. There is an exacting test of Navajo culture, a preparation of three traditional dishes, and they must demonstrate Navajo language fluency. They also must show a clear understanding of traditional everyday life, again crucial as they travel as ambassadors of their nation across 574 federally recognized tribes and also internationally.

On a personal level it allows them to reflect back on everything that it took for them to get to where they are, something that I believe would be beneficial for all of us, how they were raised, and the things they were taught.

For me, the emphasis on their inner style, their belief system and what they value, is paramount. And you see it reflected in their outer style, the beautifully designed clothes, colors, and incredible hand made, custom jewelry, individualized to their taste, which is the reflection of their enthusiasm and pride.

Love that!

Take Aways That We Can Incorporate Into Our Lives

Reading the article got me thinking about a culture with great pride, that holds themselves to a high standard, moves to the future while maintaining a hold on where they came from, and represents their best as individuals. I also got to thinking about ways to reflect that in my own life, to more consciously choose to reflect who I am, and where I’ve come from.

What do you value and represent daily, as the outer reflection of who you are inside? How can we be leaders and ambassadors for whatever we hold as meaningful for us, such as kindness, patience, inclusion, or caring? As women, I believe we have the power to change our world, and the world around us. I believe we can do this best by being those things we would like to see in our world.

Thank you Miss Navajo Nation for the inspiration!

Bye for now!

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For the longest, even before 2020, Athleisure has been a hot trend. Last year, we lived in yoga pants, sweats, hoodies and tee’s, unless you were Zooming then you dressed on the top and below the belt was your secret! At the beginning of the year several sources said athleisure would continue to be a trend, but I wasn’t convinced. Look, after living in nothing but yoga wear, tee’s, sweats, and PJ’s, I believed women would be longing to break free from all that sameness, and the memories and emotions associated with them. People would want to break free and express themselves after being stifled last year.

Seems I was onto something because Vogue magazine mentioned emerging out of our shell and thinking big, with bolder shapes, more color, and shine. In the Sunday Style Section of the New York Times there was an article, “Michael Kors Doubles Down on the Return of New York”, and it said get ready for the “bonfire of the sweatpants”. Kors believes in the allure of perfectly polished power sportswear. Don’t worry, it’s all very wearable, comfortable, and perfect for every budget so let’s check it out!


Aren’t we ready to show our lipstick, dress up, and engage in life again?

Pump the brakes here! After a year of not having to think through a look now we have to flex that muscle again? Yes, but there’s no reason to hit the brakes. Trailing hemlines, pumped up volume, and drama provide a feeling of exuberance, joy, and excitement. It’s intoxicating and fun! You can buy all the latest of the new trends if you want to totally revamp your style, but you can still project the same on trend feel by adding some new pieces. But how and where do you start?

Main Trends

There were lots of great pieces on the runways, but you can cull them down to a few shapes to wear now and also into fall. Look for huge scarves with lots of pattern and bright colors, capes, wide trousers, big shoulder jackets, and maxi dresses or longer length skirts and dresses. What fun!




This can be a feminine look or you can make it edgy depending on the color and fabric, wear it to work, to play, or out with your friends. I’m excited to try the head wrap look even though I don’t normally wear something on my head. Just remember, the scarf, like the majority of trends, needs to be large scale both in size and pattern. This is something you can just play with, I don’t really see that there is a wrong way to wear these. This look will continue into fall too so don’t be afraid you’ll only get a season out of these.


Aren’t these fun? It’s been forever since I wore a cape but looking at the different feelings of these images it’s worth exploring again. This look will work for all bodies and can be as dramatic or demure as you want. I’m obsessed with the sparkly capelet and don’t be surprised if you see this kind of throwback to the golden age of jazz looks for the holidays. This would work really well over a cute tank dress now, or to throw on when you step out after work over a silky tank or your little black dress.  

Oversized Jackets

This is a big trend not only now but it’s all over for the upcoming fall/winter season too. Look for oversized shoulders, oversize cuts, and also longer arms almost covering the entire hand on some jackets. The extreme oversize may not be to everyone’s liking and it is a look you need to know how to work. For the most part, pair your large, or loose, piece with something less full or even fitted. The exception, and you need to look at scale and proportion carefully here, is if the other pieces are made with a looser, lighter fabric like the image on the far right. Play around with this at the store and try it on!

Maxi Skirts & Dresses

Maxi skirts and dresses have been with us for awhile now and I’m telling you it’s not a look that’s grown tired. Not when there are new silhouettes, colors, and patterns each season to freshen them up. Plus, dressing them up, styling them for the office, and popping on a dress to chill out with your friends is easy. Just keep your proportions in mind when pairing them with tops, jackets, and even the new capes.

Wide Leg Pants

These are so much fun and very comfortable to wear. I’ve had some clients shy away from them because they feel it will shorten the look of their body, but as you can see it actually lengthens the body line. The trick is to keep your foot wear with a heavier look, think chunky heel, large buckles, wedge heels, and make the hem line almost to the ground.

Let me see how you are styling these pieces, but no worries if you’re not 100% on where to start. I’m here to talk you through this.

Bye for now!

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Every week on my social media stream I present a Style Of The Week, usually a street style but sometimes it’s a print ad that’s caught my attention. A few weeks ago it occurred to me that it would be a lot of fun to add a “Shop The Look” segment on my blog, and, given my large amounts of extra time ha ha, the first one is done. That said, let’s get to it!

Remember, you don’t have to copy the look exactly. Feel free to keep the essence of what you love while you make it your own!


Orange Trench

It’s spring and for many people it’s a time of anticipation, getting out of your winter routine, and enjoyment of the bright colors you’re starting to see in nature. I was reading online recently that orange has been on trend more so this spring season. It’s an exuberant mood boost so after last year that makes complete sense to me. Chartreuse, deep hot pink, and orange are colors I’ve always enjoyed so when I saw this incredible, orange trench I immediately fell in love. Besides the color, I like how the shorter length works for many body types and is easy to adjust if needed or desired.

This trench was online and it caught my eye due to it’s figure enhancing cut, bold buttons, and of course the color. Online I found a great trench with a hood, great in case you get caught in the rain minus your umbrella! It’s a rich orange with a smidge of red in it and gorgeous! The military style exaggerated lapel and bold pockets make it extra snappy. You can scoop it up online at Light In The Box Orange Red Trench


Skinny High Jeans

I’m crazy about these skinny high jeans from H&M! On the jean jacket embellishment video I made, it’s the second one on my YouTube channel, I talk about how they recycle materials and also create clothing from recycled fibers. That’s amazing because why toss something if it can be repurposed? You can check out that video here. Margi Reed Enterprises Jean Jacket Embellishment Video

These have the right amount of Lycra, 3%, so they don’t get too stretched out as you go through your day. These will fit in your wardrobe everywhere. Date night with a sexy tee and denim jacket, check. To the office with your pumps, jacket, and shirt (I love bodysuit blouses), check. With your orange trench? Check! H&M Skinny Black Jeans


Strappy Sandals

The sandals are a nice way to lighten up the look, but if an unexpected colder Spring day pops up feel free to grab the short boots again! These from Macy’s are pretty, and will work well with dresses too. The heel height is tall enough to add interest but not crazy high if you’re going to be on your feet all day. Plus, they come in more colors if you really like them! Macy’s Black Strap Sandals

Macy's Black Strap Sandals

I’ve shopped these vendors successfully and would also like you to know if you purchase from them I may receive a commission.

So remember, enjoy the process of exploring and making this look your own. If you have questions please reach out, I’m here for you.

Bye for now!


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Awhile back, before styling professionally, I worked at a telecom firm scheduling international video conferences. This was before higher bandwidth internet created reliable connections making video calls a DIY thing. There was always a test prior to the call while the participants were in the room and one thing I noticed immediately was how the camera registered pattern and color, making some women really stand out and others not so much. For me, noticing this was a huge step forward toward my becoming a stylist because for the first time I really saw how proportion, fit, color, pattern, and accessorizing worked together as a team.

True confession, at that time getting dressed for work was frustrating and my pulled together look felt anything but. I’d look at other women where I worked whose style I admired, wondering why my outfits weren’t coming together as well, and also wondering why adding accessories seemed so confusing. The struggle was real! Through the frustration though I became determined to make a change and dress authentically to who I was inside and discover my style that would reflect that.



I really started to look around and take notice of print ads, actors wardrobes in film and TV, and the people around me whose style I admired. And, I started asking questions. What did I like? When I liked something, what about it attracted me? Was it the shape, the colors, or the entire outfit? What I also noticed, and this became key for me – when women dressed to suit themselves, and also flatter their body, they carried themselves with confidence. They looked comfortable with themselves. I wanted that!

So I began trying on anything and everything that caught my eye and interest. Yeah, there were some misses but I began to figure out not only what I liked but what made me feel amazing. Getting dressed became a fun, creative way to express myself. There was something else I realized-some of the body image issues I had as a teen were still lurking in my head. That was very exciting to realize and the discovery opened my eyes in a lot of ways. Though there were areas I liked a lot, and emphasized, I also liked the other areas too. Peace at last!

You can do it too! It’s doable, enjoyable, and doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Ready to get started expressing yourself through your own unique style, loving your body, with all it’s wonderful uniqueness that no one else has, and loving your clothes? Go explore and have fun! There are no right or wrong way, just make a small, baby step. Here are 4 ways to get started!

4 Ways To Discover Your Personal Style

1.  Focus Only On Yourself

When I started this process of self-discovery, there were moments of struggle where uncertainty as to my next step could have me feeling some self doubt. It’s very easy at that point to start seeing people whose style you like and compare yourself negatively. Every one of us has our moments and they do too. Focus on you and, even though it might be a struggle, find one thing that you like about yourself or your newly emerging sense of style and write it down. Keep a journal of these and enjoy your story as it evolves.

2. Create A Mood Board

Go to a department store, or an art store, and buy a piece of poster board. Find as many images as you can of things you like or caught your eye. These could be for an entire look, a piece or accessory you liked, a color, a feeling – anything! Stick them onto the board and feel free to add captions, notes, doodles with markers, colored pencils or pens to make it really personal. Put it where you’ll pass by frequently and see it though no need to really study it unless you want. You’ll see themes of patterns emerge-a silhouette over and over, a color, etc. You can also do this on Pinterest as a private board, but there’s something about the creative process of using your hands and physical materials that really connects you to your creative side.

3. Get A Partner To Keep You Motivated

Anytime you start something new, like a workout program, you may find it easier to have someone to help keep you motivated. Let’s be honest, experiencing change and trying something new can feel like a lot sometimes. Am I right? Having someone who will listen, help keep you feeling positive about your changes, and not offer any judgements as you develop your new style can be helpful. Maybe the two of you can do this together?

4. Take Baby Steps

Avoid overwhelm and try one, two at the most, changes, new styles, or colors at a time. As people notice your emerging style, and how it resonates with who you are, you will know you’re aimed in the right direction because you will have felt that too. You’ve got this!

Bye for now!

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