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So, I’ve started this year obsessed with organizing, weeding out, and sorting my house. And I mean my house! I’ve got a list by room of things I will do this year to refresh and/or edit things. I’ve been going through drawers, and even looking at expiration dates on everything, including my cosmetics! Crazy? Maybe, but I’ve only dented the surface and it already feels so much better. Plus, it feels like I’m a little more organized in my head which I didn’t expect.

This feeling came on me towards the end of December, and, serendipitously,  while reading through the Apartment Therapy blog, I saw their January Cure they offer annually. Each weekday, gratis, for 20 days they send an email with the coolest ideas that are super easy, and quick to do. Check it out via the link below. If you do decide to go for it, and who cares if January is mostly finished, reach out either via the comments, or on my SM, and tell me what you think.



The work I was doing organizing and restyling my house brought an awareness that I was dissatisfied with my style too. Truthfully, I’d been feeling creatively stale for awhile and it felt as if I was putting a stale version of myself out to the world. Focusing intensely, managing my construction project last year, felt consuming to the point I wasn’t aware of changing incredibly inside. I’d been changing a lot in a positive way as a person but was too busy to realize it. You’re constantly changing, even if you aren’t aware of it at the time. Change was happening to me but it was background noise due to focusing so intently for so long. My client’s comment frequently that because I do styling, having a concern or feeling off must not happen to me. I’m here to tell you, even after years of styling for film and advertising – it happens to everyone!

Organizing, sorting, and weeding through my home caused me to realize the issue wasn’t “stale” creativity, it was no longer resonating with who I was before embarking on my project.

It’s always fascinating to me when I see how much the inner and outer are intertwined, it’s very cool!

It’s time to put an editing eye on my closet! Everything was going into the project so I hadn’t purchased anything new for awhile. But, more than that, I wasn’t putting a fresh eye to what I had. Yes, some things will no longer “feel” right and those will go to someone who will feel amazing in them. It’s time to put a fresh take on what will work, what “fits” who I am inside now, and what I still feel amazing in. Then, I’ll add new items to my closet.

So, having figured that out, I got to thinking there are probably lots of you reading this that feel the same. So, I decided to offer a promo to kick off 2022. How exciting, am I right?

Here it is, just share a question, or concern, with me, and I’ll work with you to resolve it. Just IM me or send an email.  It’s that simple! 

Looking forward to sharing in your New Year/Updated You adventure!

Look for an upcoming post very soon on a client who took advantage of the promo. New Year, New Look, Updated Self!

Bye for now!

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I’ve already mentioned in the Miss Navajo Nation blog post that I love the Firefox browser for a few reasons, one is they have great articles on their search page. Seriously, there are articles on everything including design and lifestyle, a big plus. Recently I read an article from the BBC about Fredagsmys, which is Friday coziness in Sweden. Reading through the article was enchanting and I’m on board in a big way!

First-Fred What?

Fredagsmys (pronounced fre-dags myys) means Friday coziness in Sweden, a longstanding tradition that started in the 90’s. Essentially, it consists of hunkering down and relaxing with folks you care for, most often watching TV together. Even more interesting and fun, having tacos are a core part of Fredagsmys, followed by munching on chips and sweet things on your sofa. Instead of going out with friends, or going to a movie, or working late, it’s about getting snuggled in, hanging out with people you love, and eating yummy food to kick off your weekend. It’s a cozy way to end a busy week, and it’s catching on outside of Sweden too! Let’s chat on how to add this evening to your routine!


Second – The Food!

The traditional meal is a taco spread, so what’s not to love, but you can also do pizza, a big sandwich spread, pretty much anything that does not require a fork and knife. The main point of the meal is for it to be be easy and fun to prep, and easy to eat so you can kick back and relax. After the meal, put out all your favorite salty and sweet snacks so you can grab a handful as you watch TV. In case you’ve noticed this evening is not about following your eating plan, this is your cheat day.

Third – What To Wear

Obviously, this will not be a dress up affair, so my first thought was thick, snuggly socks, a tee, and sweat pants for their elastic waist! But, then again, what if you wanted to up the ante a bit and add pizazz as you maintain comfort? I got to thinking and came up with an idea of a sweater dress like a longer tunic length, tights, socks, and some cute short boots. Still comfortable, you can kick the boots off when you get to the sofa, but it’s a comfort look taken up a notch.



Etsy – Bloom Angels Leopard Print Tights




Etsy – Lace Trimmed Slouch Socks


Dress/Tunic & Hat:

Stylist’s Own

Now that the days keep getting shorter, at least where I live, to me this sounds like an amazing habit to get into at least a few times a month. Post pictures of your first Fredagsmys and share!

Bye for now!


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Time For Halloween Movies!


Every holiday do you have favorite movies you look forward to watching? You know, those movies that add flavor to your season and, as you watch your first one for the hundredth time probably, it feels like the season gets its official kickoff?

Yeah, I have those too and my list is below, starting with #1. Enjoy and let me know what you watch and how yours get rated!


Hocus Pocus

Dracula (The Cartoon)

Ghost Story

Worst Witch


Monster House


It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (Technically a cartoon, but I love it so it’s included!)

Headless Horseman

Nightmare Before Christmas

Young Frankenstein

Mars Attacks


Bye for now!

If you’d like more information plus inspirational images, please follow me!

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