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Recently I had the good fortune to work with an amazing person who always has a gorgeous smile for you! Her style is a nice mix of bohemian with eclectic touches and I’m always admiring how she puts her look together. 

Opening Night For A Major Exhibit

For this opening event, where she would give several tours, she wanted an approachable but professional look. Even though pulling a look together is no problem for her it was the little, extras for sparkle and to project a sense of authority. 

We started with pieces from her wardrobe, I really love the colors together and l love her sense of adventure with it! To keep the focus on her face, I pulled her blouse down, tucked it into her waistband, and then had her lift her arms streamlining her upper body, creating a longer torso. Next, I tweaked her collar creating a stronger line of focus on her face.

There are other ways to achieve the same goal, it depends on you and the pieces you want to work with.

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